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Waiting For You Artwork by Sam Handy

Waiting for You

New single by Sam Handy

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about sam

Since making his debut, UK-based artist and songwriter, Sam Handy has delivered stellar hit after stellar hit. His recent single, Done, produced by Ed Stokes, is a firecracker of a neo soul jam. It eases you in with the vibrant funk-dripping grooves before the weight of the no-prisoners-taken-lyricism grips you.


Sam Handy sets himself apart in the pop charts by keeping his focus on instrumental ability and songwriting, with minimal production, to give his sound an all-consuming live feel. His narratively sniping lyrics and old-school blues pop vocals will be a big hit with any fans of John Mayer, Tom Misch and D’Angelo.


He has already received high praise from Jeff Beck, been lauded by the BBC and won over crowds in his hometown shows.


Sam Handy started penning songs in 2016; a year later, during a studio session in Newbury, he ran into producer Ed Stokes, who collaborated on his hit song, She Lit Up the Floor; they’ve worked together ever since.


The London-based artist released his debut single, Maple Syrup, in 2016; with the successive releases, he moved into a more experimental alt-pop territory; a style and sound that comes naturally to the up and coming singer-songwriter.

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